Sample of a Phase Model in Project Managment

Projec Definition:
The project targets will get established, opportunities and threads will get analyzed and the the essential contents will get defined.
Costs, extent and time will roughly estimated. For large projects, this can be supported by a feasibility study.
At the end of this phase is the formal project charter.
Project Planning:
In this phase, the team will get organized and it must get fixed task lists, schedules, capacity plans, communication plans, cost plans, quality plans and risk management plans. Here - so-called Milestones - have an important role.

Project Implementation and Controlling:
This phase include, apart from the implementation itself, the control of the project progress and the project response to disruptive influences. Insights into current or future deviations lead to planning changings and corrective actions.

Project Completion: The results will get presented and passed in documented form. In a review, the project will be evaluated in retrospect.
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Project Management
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