The new trend in website construction: Video Landing Pages

At 2006 Google acquired the video platform YouTube.
Over the years it became clear, that videos increasingly occopied the top ranks in the Google results.
Therefore, today the construction of so-called Landing Pages with an high-specialized video offer has
becomming more and more importance.

7 Tips for Creation of Video Landing Pages for Publishing at Youtube for Better Google Results
1. Creation of custom-specialized videos for different types of visitors
2. Keep videos interesting and short
3. Create an interesting unique design, location or background
4. See it from the potential customers perspective
5. Produce the videos in high quality execution
6. Give your potential customer beside your offer an added value as initial ignition for taking contact to the customer
7. Keep optimizing and tracking analytics
Online Marketing & Social Media
BRANDSUP is your partner for the development of more success in
Internet Marketing, Online Publishing included Social Media.

The fast growing Rwandan markets make neccessary an new view on the Online Business.

No business without an clear website, because your website is opening the world for
your products and/or service. But a website has no success and no visitors, if nobody
can find it under billions of websites.

We offer you the development of your website not only in Screen Design, which is only the basic for our specialists.

Additionally we make your website alive with a powerful Google optimization, that
the world can find your company. If neccessary a business plan it will work around the world, not only in Rwanda.

A big point today is publishing your business in the Social Media Networks like Facebook.

Make your business international.
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