BRANDSUP gives your business a controlled "muscle training" for better shape and condition
in the following main emphases of marketing:

- Project Management in all branches, especially development of Corporate Identity, Corporate Design
  with a uniform appaerance for all marketing relevant media and public performance activities

- Coaching in marketing basics for Rwandan and foreign companies working in Rwanda

- Effizient and Google-optimized Online Publishing of Websites and Social Media

- Multimedia which includes photography, video, digital media publishing, TV and radio presentation

- Advertising with development of strategy, planning and execution of business papers, brochures,
  billboards, media and all other relevant advertising materials

- Event Marketing taking into account with Corporate Identity and Design

- Performance Upgrade to international marketing and business standards, especially for Rwandan
  companies, which are ambitioned to get more international clients in Rwanda, Africa and overseas.
No long term success without a clear strategy

1. The client must open his mind to let the past behind and start a new way.
2. The business targets - short term and long term - will get determined.
3. A SWOT analysis gives a transparency about Stength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats of your product or service, followed by an analysis about the market, the need and the competitors.
4. After answering all relevant questions, also about prices, opportunities of distribution etc the neccessary marketing instruments can get settled. All selected instruments need their own strategies, only they must follow the main marketing strategy.
Marketing follows popular sports saying: The Second is the First Loser.
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