Training Units for more skills in Marketing
in your company tailored to your technical opportunities or in public areas.

Now we are preparing the new training units 2018 for entrepreneurs:
Basics in Marketing and the opportunities
Basics in Advertising and the opportunities
Basics in Multimedia and the opportunities
Basics in Online Publishing and the opportunities

This training is not a "Do-it-yourself" coaching in Photoshop, Illustrator etc.
Design, artwork and technical support should always be the task of specialists, they can do all these things much better.
This training is an introduction of the best working marketing tools and shows a destination board for planning, selecting and ways for outsourcing.
It enables the entrepreneur to develop a marketing concept that will be a basis tor the marketing strategy as the second step.

BRANDSUP is your partner to give your employees more skills in Marketing.

The fast development of technologies and fast growing Rwanda in business make it
neccessary to get more knowledge and skills in international standards
especially in

- Marketing (Online and Offline)
- Advertising
- Multimedia

We are able to offer you and your employees the opportunity for a better understanding
of effective and efficient marketing in theory and practice.

Kowledge gives power...

Coaching in Marketing
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